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Origin or how it all began

(by Irina Eberle)

It all started with my love for traditional African music. After I had the opportunity to drum with an African at some community college courses, I soon accepted an invitation to Burkina Faso. There I experienced everyday life up close in an African family. That was in 2000 and I kept coming back. I learned to play the djembe from various teachers and was thrilled about the hospitality of these people. And I wish I could give something back. Ina Eberle
The idea for this training center came from Souleyman Koné, called "Baba", who asked me to sponsor the project. He founded the A.I.D.E. and I promised to take care of the procurement of the materials for the training of the young people. My colleagues and I founded the association "FANGA" (the word comes from the African language "Dioula" and means "strength") and I decided to take the project into my own hands, because I feel responsible towards people, who entrust me with donations in kind and money.
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