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To be a member

With your membership fees you give young people in Banfora the opportunity to receive vocational training and school education despite their financial situation. You give them the foundation to take their lives into their own hands.
Your membership is therefore no short-term affair, but a sustainable investment in the future of these young people!


With your membership fee you support
  • construction and operation of the training center
  • Ausbildungs- und Lehrmaterial
  • Aktionen wie z.B. Hilfstransporte, Soforthilfe, Impfungen ...

As a member you
  • kcan have a say about future actions and decisions (in the General Assembly)
  • get information about current developments through regular newsletters by e-mail
  • determine your own membership fee (minimum contribution € 40 / year)

You can register by printing a membership application and sending it to our club address:

print application

Postfach 1133
83618 Feldkirchen-Westerham

On request, we can provide you with a donation receipt.
Please provide your postal address with the transfer or send us an email to
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