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How can I help?

If you want to support FANGA e.V., you have several options.
  • Membership
  • We are pleased to have every club member, whether active or passive. As a member you will be informed about the association's activities and current developments through newsletters via email. You may participate in the general meetings and have a say about future actions and decisions.

  • Godparenthood
  • It is possible to take on a godparenthood at FANGA e.V, regardless of a membership. With a godparenthood you finance a schoolchild’s tuition, homework help, and medical care.

  • Donate
  • Of course we are also glad to receive one-time donations! Your money then goes into the general pool of the club and is spent where it is needed most.

  • Active participation
  • SWould you would like to donate some of your time? Help with our actions or the everyday association work? Come up with your own ideas to help and sell goods or the FANGA e.V. calendar on your own ? ... We appreciate any help!

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