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Becoming a Godparent


Regardless of being a member, you can also take on a godparenthood for a school child in Banfora.
With your godparenthood you finance a child:
  • tuition for a public school
  • material costs (books, notebooks, school uniforms ...)
  • additional lessons and homework help by a FANGA teacher in small groups
  • lunch at school
  • medical supplies
  • balanced nutritional supplement (fruit, yogurt, etc.)
  • occasional community food (for example, at Christmas), occasional rice procurement
  • help in emergencies

As a godparent you
  • get a detailed report on the living conditions of your sponsored child
  • get pictures of your sponsored child as often as possible
  • are informed about the academic performance of your sponsored child
  • you may, if you so wish, establish direct contact by letter with your sponsored child
  • we involve you in important decisions regarding your sponsored child
  • you determine the level of your support (at least 50€ / year)
If you want to support a school kid, just contact us!


So that you can get an idea, an experience report:

Boukary was born in 1999. His exact birth date is unknown. The boy lives in Secteur No 3, an unserviced area without electricity and water supply. The family owns a tiny clay house with a tin roof. A little cookware and sleeping mats woven from palm leaves are their only possessions. The bathroom is a small area separated with a mat at the side of the house. There is no toilet. Boukarys father is very old. He spends his day at the marketplace, where he sits down to beg. Boukarys mother is mentally handicapped. Boukary is the only one who can take care of the welfare of his family. While he was in primary school he earned money by making mud bricks and working at a gas station.


Boukary has been a FANGA-sponsored child since his primary school days. Even at that time, the director decided that Boukary was very intelligent person and a hope for the whole family. However, the family could not afford the school fees of approximately 5 Euro. FANGA e.V. made it possible for him to complete primary school and a tailor formation with which he can earn money for the family. FANGA e.V. supports the family with food on an ongoing basis to decrease the burden of Boukary as the sole earner.

On request, we can provide you with a donation receipt.
Please provide your postal address with the transfer or send us an email to
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